Rent your business address in Croatia’s most popular business locations

Rent your business address at a renowned location and choose the optimal representation of your company. With our business addresses, your company meets legal requirements and receives a first-class presence in the most important economic markets in Croatia.
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  • Professional company representation

  • Mail acceptance

  • Additional business services

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    Be legally competent and get everything you need to elevate your business relations

    Whether you are a a freelancer, startup or SME – a business address is the most important building block for customer contacts and communications with business partners. We offer you all the services you need to conquer markets worldwide.

    Do you have to meet legal requirements?

    Meet legal business requirements with maximum ease as our registered business address complies with legal regulations.

    Do you want to succeed on all marketing channels?

    Stay in contact with your customers and impress with a reknown address. A business address is suitable for business cards, stationery, websites, and much more.

    Do you want to master your company formation easily?

    Become the owner of a renowned company address in no time. Enjoy a stress-free company incorporation process.

    Do you need a postal service for letters and documents?

    Send your mail to SquareOne and have it forwarded to your preferred team member or pick it up at our front desk.

    What is a business address?

    The professional positioning of a company in flourishing economic metropolises such as Berlin or Frankfurt begins right then when a company is founded. With the choice of a well-known, chargeable business address, the first step on the way to successfully founding a company has a solid basis. The entry in the commercial register can be made, the imprint of your website can be provided, letterheads and all other official documents can be sent thanks to a legally correct business address.
    A credible business address is particularly interesting for self-employed people who want to set up a company, but do not want to use the private address of their home office as a company address. In this case, booking an external business address is the ideal solution in order to be able to provide an attractive contact address for business partners and potential customers as the company headquarters without having to forego your own privacy. By booking a business address, you can effectively avoid the private address being publicly visible and appearing in search results on the Internet.
    A business address can also be interesting in combination with a virtual office. In fact, business addresses in connection with virtual offices are especially attractive for companies that want to be close to the customer right from the start with their own contact point in order to open up new economic markets. In addition, booking a virtual office can save enormous costs, as no office has to be rented and no new employees have to be hired. For a growing company, booking a distinctive business address is therefore an advantage in two ways. But the virtual office is also the perfect option for the self-employed to save costs for a secretariat.
    At SquareOne you can benefit from other practical services such as booking day tickets for our coworking space and our extensively equipped private offices. You can also get admission to our discounted conference rooms and event venues, which can be booked by the hour or by the day. Simply choose a conference room online that you can easily reach and receive a personal confirmation from our team with all the important details for your upcoming on-site meeting.

    What are the benefits of a SquareOne coworking business address?

    There are numerous business address providers around the world who have interesting service packages and different locations to choose from. Due to this variety of providers and the legal importance of a business address, interested parties should take some time when deciding on a business address.
    When looking for a trustworthy and competent provider of business addresses, it is particularly important to take into account that a summonable business address not only functions as an official address for a company but can also have a positive influence on the external image of a company. The business address of SquareOne coworking on Trg Žrtava Fašizma 1, in the center of Zagreb, will leave a particularly positive impression on your company.
    As a partner company of a global provider of coworking spaces with around 70 locations on three continents, we offer multiple beautifully designed work areas with fully equipped workstations as well as conference rooms in several sizes, where you can work at any time according to your needs or receive customers. In fact, we not only offer you a legal postal address, but we are also the perfect alternative to other business address providers, as we can represent you in the best possible way on-site, offer you a professional infrastructure and provide comprehensive support for your business partners.

    Where does SquareOne offer a business address?

    Our digitized postal administration service is currently in Zagreb at Trg Žrtava Fašizma 1, a location with a legally valid postal address. There you can receive, scan, store and forward all your shipments and packages.
    Those who choose SquareOne coworking always choose the highest level of quality, discretion, security and integrity.